About Body Kinetics of Florida & Pamela Mortemore, P.T.

Physical Therapist Pamela Mortemore

Pamela Mortemore found Body Kinetics of Florida in October of 2002.  She is a Licensed Physical Therapist graduating in 1995 from Florida International University.  After surgery in 1997 for hip labrum tears from years of ballet, Pamela pursued a non-conventional treatment of Pilates rehabilitation for her recovery.  Her recovery was so successful she began her training in Pilates at Polestar Education and was certified in July of 2000, as a Certified Polestar Pilates Practitioner of Rehabilitation. Pamela founded Body Kinetics of Florida knowing the positive benefit of Pilates-Evolved training and began offering it to her patients and clients.


Pamela was introduced in 2005 to the Gyrotonic Expansion System® and trained under master trainers Angela Crowley and Bradley Kreamer completing her Gyrotonic Level I Instructor certification in June of 2007. She began tailoring programs for her patients and clients for successful recoveries from spinal and orthopedic surgeries as well as other acute and chronic pain syndromes. Pamela found in her treatment sessions that creating elongation of the muscles would decrease compression on the joints during movement increasing the healing process of the injured structures.

She has continued her education in the Gyrotonic Expansion System® with an attestation of Level II in 2010 with Cori Doetzer, Kathy Van Patten and Gina Muensterkoetter and certifications on the specialized equipment, Leg Extension Unit, Jumping-Stretching-Board, and the GYROTONER®. Pamela was also certified as a Gyrokinesis® Level I instructor with master trainer Mari Kasich in May of 2012 to give her patients and clients exercises for continual progress away from the practice.

Pamela is committed in understanding the connection of the body with the Gyrotonic Expansion System® by continuing her education in Specialized Course Applications for the Shoulder Girdle, Osteoporosis, Fascial Body and Pelvic Girdle.   She has also completed Specialized Course in golf, tennis and dance to enhance performance in her client’s sport.


Pamela has attended numerous Polestar Pilates continuing education with Brent Anderson, PhD, PT, OCS, PMA ® -CPT to understand and educate her patients and clients in dealing with functional decreases in their performance.  She has taken courses to increase her knowledge of Pilates rehabilitation with Advance Spine in the Pilates Environment, Osteoporosis in the Pilates Environment, Polestar Pilates for the Spine, Joint Replacement of the Lower Extremity, Pathokinesiology of the Lumbar Spine and Scoliosis in the Pilates Environment.  Pamela has utilizing these different concepts of to exercise her patient/ client throughout their successful healing progress.

In her practice at Body Kinetics of Florida, Pamela has had the privilege of treating and training professional athletes from the NBA, NFL, NHL, Equestrians and Olympic Gold medalists.  She also trained young ballet students and watch them compete for scholarships to attend the prestigious schools like the Royal Ballet School in London.  Today these students are dancing at professional ballet company and enjoying their passion.

Pamela is committed to develop the health and well-being of my patients and clients by teaching them core stabilization exercises that will last a life time.

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