Physical Therapy

Pilates & Gyrotonic Rehabilitation Programs

Body Kinetics of Florida specializes in delivering one on one Pilates and Gyrotonic® rehabilitation along with personal support.  Pamela has taken courses to increase her knowledge of Pilates rehabilitation with Advance Spine in the Pilates Environment, Osteoporosis in the Pilates Environment, Polestar Pilates for the Spine, Joint Replacement of the Lower Extremity, Pathokinesiology of the Lumbar Spine and Scoliosis in the Pilates Environment.   Pamela has an extensive background in treating spinal pathology and orthopedic surgeries.  She has treated patients with Mechanical Low Back Pain, Degenerative Back Disease, Scoliosis, Osteoporosis/ Osteopenia and Spinal Surgeries.

Pilates and Gyrotonic® improves joint mobility and stability by strengthening the muscles surrounding the joint, reinforcing the ligamentous structures increasing motion to its fullest capacity in all range of motion.  Both Pilates and Gyrotonic® exercises are excellent for pre- and post-surgery.  Research has proven that exercises that stretches while strengthening increases circulation with better elimination and absorption of toxics decreasing pain making this a perfect exercise for spinal rehabilition and total joint replacements.

Pilates and Gyrotonic® Rehabilitation Programs:

Mechanical Low Back Pain

Degenerative Back Disease


Osteoporosis / Osteopenia

Spinal Surgeries (pre and post-surgery)

Joint Replacement of the Lower Extremity

Gyrotonic® Applications for the Pelvic Girdle

Gyrotonic® Applications for the Fascial Body

Pamela’s level of expertise separates her from other establishments.  She combines 25 years of her Physical Therapy background sharing a deep understanding of the connects between the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems and how Pilates and Gyrotonic® exercise affect the whole body as one system.

Body Kinetics of Florida and offers rehabilitation and fitness private training session, and are able to offer small semi-private group equipment-based classes. 

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