“I have been attending Pilates sessions for two and a half years during which I have experienced a major improvement in my bone density test results without using any medications, and have achieved better balance, stronger muscles, including my formerly broken wrist muscles and ligaments, which are now stronger than the non-broken wrist. Pilates exercises are not painful, do not stress muscle joints, and have the person feeling much better than before the session.”

–Paula A. Pellitier, Retired Lawyer and Concert Pianist

“Body Kinetics of Florida after two years of regular therapy has helped me avoid knee replacement and has relieved me of constant knee pain. Pam Mortemore is truly a miracle worker!”

–Darren Blake, SR VP Wealth Management/Investments, Smith Barney

” I’m a former Joffrey Ballet Dancer, Broadway Performer and I currently teach dance at my dance studio. Fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with a hip problem and at that time I decided not to have surgery but to try alternative methods. In the last year my pain increased and my mobility worsened. In January 2006 I began Pilates and Gyrotonic® sessions at Body Kinetics of Florida. I’m amazed, in six months with two sessions a week, I’m practically pain free and my mobility improved 75%.”

–David Vilner, Dancer Instructor, David’s Dance Center

“Since I began my Pilates and Gyrotonic® sessions at Body Kinetics, I have noticed an increase in my overall flexibility, core stability and endurance in both my work and recreational activities. I also notice the results on my overall body shape – my clothes fit a lot better!”

–Doug Barkley

“Discovering Pilates has been a life changing experience for me and working with Pam and April is always enjoyable. Body Kinetics is the only rehabilitation facility that I know of that can take you from rehab to a higher level of fitness. Having Fibromyalgia is a challenge but I can stay fit and pain-free with a specialized program of Pilates.”

–Susan Clifton, Webmaven

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