Vibrational Therapy


Turbosonic is a whole body vibration device that replicates natural vertical vibration. It improves slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers by increasing production of human growth hormones, which increases muscle endurance and strength.

Clinical studies show that whole body vibration therapy improves muscle performance by increasing range of motion, flexibility and relaxation. In addition, the therapy improves bone density at low vibrations settings stimulating the uptake of calcium. Bone density testing has shown positive increases on T- Scores after six months to a year of vibrational therapy.

Research supports vibrational therapy’s ability to increase balance through the whole body. Patients with imbalances during gait and other activities of daily living have experienced a 70% improvement in core strength stability through movement.

Vibrational therapy has also given an edge to orthopedic healing. Their usage can be coupled to assist in core and multiplane muscle strengthening. This effect can increase muscle strength without risking exercise related injuries or putting additional loads on joints, ligaments and ligaments. At a low vibrational setting, it increases the tone of the tendons and ligaments, areas that are hard to train and strengthens accessory muscles around stabilizing joints.

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