Body Kinetics of Florida is closed as of December 1, 2016


For Fitness please call April Mortemore at Balanced Spirals. 954.446.4448 or visit

Body Kinetics of Florida is a fully equipped Pilates Studio that specializes in delivering one-on-one pilates – evolved fitness and rehabilitation. The primary goal of Pilates is to improve your health without the risk of injury. If you’re wondering “What is Pilates?” Click here. Body Kinetics now offers Gyrotonic®, a totally new exercise system, that integrates key principles of yoga, tai chi, dance and sports. Gyrotonic® is quickly becoming popular among celebrities.

Both Gyrotonic® and Pilates help improve coordination, balance, strength and flexibility. Your core will be strengthened, leaving you with a long, lean body, a flatter abdomen and a stronger back. Body Kinetics of Florida offers specialty rehabilitation programs, one on one Pilates and Gyrotonic® sessions that are tailored to each patients current level of health, to increase strength to the core of the body.

Pamela Mortemore founded Body Kinetics of Florida and is a Licensed Physical Therapist, a Certified Pilates Practitioner of Rehabilitation and certified in Gyrotonic®.

There’s always room for improvement. So no matter what shape you’re in, Body Kinetics of Florida can help.