The ultimate aim is to be at home in one’s body. To be at one with the nature of oneself and to experience exercise as a creative and delightful experience.
– Juliu Horvath

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Body Kinetics of Florida offers instructions in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM ® and is a fully equipped Pilates Studio that specializes in delivering one-on-one Pilates evolved fitness and rehabilitation. The primary goal of Gyrotonic® and Pilates is to improve your health without the risk of injury. Both Gyrotonic® and Pilates helps improve coordination, balance, strength and flexibility. Although the two systems utilize different pieces of equipment, the target goal is strengthening your core, facilitate mental and spiritual rejuvenation and increases proper posture though the realignment of the body’s muscular system and spinal mobility. The results of a Gyrotonic® or Pilates sessions will create more balance and harmony thru the neuromuscular system increasing regeneration and opening new pathways to enhance performance at any level of fitness or rehabilitation.

Gyrotonic® in Jupiter, Florida

The Gyrotonic Expansion System® method allows the body to perform a flowing and unique rhythmic movement pattern creating spinal motions of arch, curl, spiraling and side bending which are natural motions of the spine. The Gyrotonic® method utilize specialized exercises and equipment designed to supports the natural rhythmic motion performed by the spinal muscles to increase spinal strength and mobility. This form of exercise integrates key principles of yoga, tai chi, dance and sports and is gaining popularity among professional athletes, dancers and celebrities.

Pilates in Jupiter

Pilates is a movement system that engages your body and mind is a series of over 500 controlled movements to restore health and well-being. Pilates uses five pieces of unique apparatus and mat work to develop the body uniformly. Pilates exercise provides neuromuscular re-education utilizing a spring-assisted environment where functional training can be performed. The exercises on the Pilates equipment with a spring-assisted control allows for assisted or resisted though out the movement without increases pain or discomfort allowing strengthening. Pilates exercises will stretch you while strengthening, improving flexibility and elongates the muscles of the body producing a long leaner physique.

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